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We build Partico because we see a need for a more flexible and dynamic work environment, an organisation that provides the freedom of a freelancer with the benefits of a normal job. The goal of Partico is to enable our members to evolve professionally.


How agencies work

Agencies are self-organised units within the framework of Partico. It’s primarily through the agencies that we offer our services (rather than through the individual members):

  • You can create your own agency or join one or more existing ones.
  • You can thus explore different collaborations.
  • Agencies can be temporary or permanent.
  • They can even spin off and become independent organisations.

How does the money part work?

Being a cooperative, you will at the same time be employer and employee of Partico. For each project you are involved in, you receive parts of the income as salary and parts remain with Partico to cover the overhead cost and social insurances.


Money-flow at Partico
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Join Partico
Do you have several years of experience and want to co-develop new service offers or projects as part of a community and work flexible hours?
1. Let’s meet!
We would organize a formal meeting to explain who we are and how we work. We can then discuss whether Partico is right for you.
2. Onboarding interview
Once you decide to join, Create your online profile. We will then meet for a formal onboarding interview to define together an integration strategy to get you up and running asap.
3. Integration
Once onboarded, you are in control! Join existing agencies. Meet other members. Explore new leads or develop new projects. You may even want to create your own agency! And if you need help, you can attend courses and/or coaching sessions