About Partico

Partico is a cooperative of people who want to evolve professionally and develop their own projects in a very flexible environment and in collaboration with others.

At present, we are still in the start-up phase, finalising the concept and actively developing our community.

A new way of working
At present, Partico is based in Lausanne with a branch office in Zurich. The organization is conceived to allow an easy replication in other locations.
At Partico, you will be part of a team, but you will also be your own boss. We cultivate a spirit of collaboration and mutual support, but we still cherish autonomy, flexibility and out-of-the-box thinking.
You concentrate on your clients and projects. Partico offers the legal and administrative framework to take care of all the rest. As an active member you can get an employment contract and all the benefits that go with it.
Partico will be a cooperative owned by its members. This also means that all the decisions are made in the full interest of our members and our profits are used to improve our services.

Our values

Partico has been developed to help people with considerable experience to continue to evolve professionally and personally while working only part-time. The following elements are at the core of what we do:

  • Collaboration and mutual support
  • Autonomy and integrity
  • Out-of-the-box thinking and creativity
  • Professional excellence and personal development
  • Responsibility towards people and planet

Our team

Our team is still in the making. If you're interested in helping, please join us!

Photo Simon Photo Paulina Maybe you photo
Simon Schneebeli Paulina Tanewska Maybe you?
Bridge builder with an ability to bring people together and launch new ventures. Has a background in civil engineering and trained in organisational development. Has helped initiating projects such as TEDxLausanne, or the Impact Hub Geneva. Project and Marketing Manager with experience in fields ranging from construction via entertainment to education. Multilingual and social person, interested in sustainability on environmental, social and economical levels. Interested in helping to make this project happen as a co-founder? We are actively looking for team members. Please contact us.


Invest in Partico

In order to continue to grow, Partico needs to increase its membership base. To participate in our cooperative, potential members need to buy a share, which helps us to fund the operations, onboarding, training of members and development of the cooperative. To accelerate this growth, we are looking for angels shareholders willing to buy shares or to grant loans to support us.

Does this sound like an interesting opportunity? Would you like to learn more about us or know someone who might be interested? Then we would love to have a talk with you. Please contact us at info@partico.ch or 021 647 91 68.