Learn and improve

The success of Partico depends on the success of each one of our members to shape new ideas, develop new services and find clients and partners.

To increase chances of success we are developing a programme of workshops / trainings. Topics we are working on are:

  • Design thinking: Whatever project or service we develop, it has to fulfil specific needs. Design thinking helps to find solutions that really answer these needs.     
  • Marketing and sales: In a distributed organisation like Partico, it’s important that everyone can sell their own services (but also those of others).     
  • Agile organisations: Partico uses many principles from distributed and agile organisations such as sociocracy, holacracy or peerdom. This course will provide the required skills to understand and benefit from these principles.
  • Happyness at work: Ever wondered if you can learn how to shape a work environment that makes people happier?     

Beside that, we coordinate peer to peer workshops and presentations.


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