From conceptualisation to implementation

Our last blog post was more than eight months back. That may give you the impression that we haven't been active since then, but in fact it is just the very opposite!

We've been very hard at work making a lot of progress in the past few months. We believe that, by now, we are ready to move from conceptualisation on to implementation. While we are remodelling our website, here is the essence of the progress made and where we stand.


So far, we have been talking a lot about flexible work conditions through part-time (Partico originally stands for "Part-Time Consulting"). While this is and remains an important goal. However, what we realised is that in addition to those who want to work part-time, there are a lot of people who would be open to work full-time, but are looking for a work environment that offers the flexibility Partico offers, both to work for clients as to develop their own projects.

We thus position ourselves today as an organisation offering a work environment between a traditional organization (regular hours and salary, stability, however little flexibility) and freelancing (hyper-flexibility, however working alone, very variable work load and salary).

Services offered

Following this new positioning, we defined the core services that Partico will offer:

  • Legal and administrative framework: members get an employment contract, Partico takes care of all the administrative elements such as salary, invoicing, social insurances, tax at source etc. Partico members can fully focus on what they are good at.
  • Networks and teams: Partico will act as a platform where members can connect with each other through different collaborations. We believe that the people with whom you work are as important as the work itself. By giving people the possibility to network and collaborate with different partners, we think we can contribute to a healthier work environment.
  • Project development: As mentioned here, it would be an illusion to think that we can find clients only by advertising our services. We thus see a lot of potential for our members to develop of their new projects themselves with the support and through the network of Partico.
  • Training: we have started working on the development of courses that will allow our members to build their service proposals, find clients, explore new collaborations (and new ways of collaborating) and develop new projects.

The team

In alphabetic order: Alageshan, Bénédicte, Francesco, Frank, Magalie and Simon. That's our core team for now. And we are in contact with several other people interested in joining in. Also to mention: Frank is actively developing Partico in Zurich, so that we may (likely will) be able to launch Partico at the same time in the French and in the German part of Switzerland.

What's next

What we're currently working on:

  • set up Partico as a legal entity
  • initiate fundraising
  • refine our financial calculations / business plan
  • formalise processes and
  • get new members on board

Sounds exciting to you? If you want to join in or should you need more information, contact us or call us on 021 647 91 68.

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