Why Partico is also an incubator

Partico is first of all an organisation that offers a legal and administrative framework for people who want to work part-time. However, we think that Partico can also be an incubator for new ideas and projects.

How do “start-ups” work usually?

You have a business idea or just want to offer your services on your own. If you’re lucky, you have a good companion. But even then: The first steps are difficult: You spend a lot of time to define your offer, then find clients then take care of the whole administrative issues on your own: insurances, taxes etc. Madness! Literally! Certain studies even see a higher suicide rate among entrepreneurs.

Now imagine initiating a new venture while, at the same, time trying to work part-time (or maybe you are forced to work part-time because of family). You think you’ll get there? Maybe. But very few will actually succeed.

What we are working on with Partico is something that, we hope, may help in this situation. We think we can make entrepreneurship much easier, even for stay at home parents!

  • First of all: Boredom is a very good ground for new ideas. (Check out the TED talk below). You know how the carsharing service Zipcars came to be? Two mothers sharing ideas while looking after their kids on a play ground.
  • Second: Partico is about collaboration. Chances are high, that at Partico you find other people who are (more or less) bored, who are looking for new challenges, but who can’t get off the ground on their own. So look out for someone like-minded and get to work!
  • Third: Partico takes care of all the administrative matters: Partico is a cooperative. One of the services we will offer to our members is that we take care of all the administrative work. If you find one or several partners within our network, by all means, start working on your project! No need to first create a company on your own before you start generating income. The cooperative will manage your money flows in a fully transparent way, take care of all the insurances you need and pay whatever taxes and administrative fees will have to be paid, while you concentrate on developing your project.
  • Fourth: We encourage spin-offs: If in a normal company you initiate something and that thing is successful, the company will likely want to keep a control on it. Well, in our case, we will definitively be proud to have contributed to the emergence of new ideas and projects. But as the goal of the cooperative is not to make money, but rather create jobs that allow working part-time, and a spin-off from Partico will hopefully at least to a certain extent maintain that philosophy, our goal is reached when the project spins off into a company (or cooperative or non-profit) of its own.

Ok, for now, all that is still a dream. But we’re slowly progress towards that goal. Should you want to help us build this, please get in touch with us.

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