2nd Partico meetup: December 5th in Lausanne

We've made it! The first Partico meetup last week gathered 9 potential members. Many inputs, loads of inspiration and encouragement, but also as many questions. We definitely know what we need to work on. Our focus lies now in financial planning and building a road map as well as Partico handbook.

To continue the conversation we're organising a second meetup:

  • When: December 5th at 14:00
  • Where: Probably at our temporary office at Haldimand 15. To be confirmed.
  • Agenda: Financials and roadmap.

Should you be interested in joining us, drop us a message

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Partico is first of all an organisation that offers a legal and administrative framework for people who want to work part-time.
With the goal of growing a community of people around Partico, we organised two "meetups" in Spring this year.
So far, We worked more towards the inside.