What's new?

Three years ago the first ideas of Partico emerged. Then things slowed down quite a bit. Everyone simply had other ongoing projects. Now Corona has slowed down many things.
With the goal of growing a community of people around Partico, we organised two "meetups" in Spring this year.
What would the world be if we had only leaders, pioneers and people with great visions? It probably wouldn't work.
Not much to report in actual content, but we are none the less very proud to announce, that our website is now available as much in English as in German and French.
Our last blog post was more than eight months back. That may give you the impression that we haven't been active since then, but in fact it is just the very opposite!
We've made it! The first Partico meetup last week gathered 9 potential members. Many inputs, loads of inspiration and encouragement, but also as many questions.