Relaunching Partico: Summer 2023 news and perspectives

The idea of Partico emerged not less than 7 years ago. We were organising the TEDxLausanne event and we had an astonishingly large amount of volunteers and participants who were looking for opportunities to do something meaningful, and many of them very actually highly qualified, but didn't work because – all too often – they had family or other obligations and could not find suitable parttime work that would meet their qualifications.

We launched our idea with great enthusiasm, reaching out to contacts, organising events and conducting interviews to get a better understanding of the needs and opportunities.

With COVID, we decided to take a pause to see how things would evolve. Even most of the involved people started pursuing other activities or moved away geographically.

The need is still there

The need for an organisation that proposes a different work environment is still there. Also the need for qualified people in the job market has never stopped.

That's why we reactivate Partico now.

As one of the core team members has moved from the Swiss city of Lausanne to the Northern German city of Bremen, we are re-launching Partico from there. The vision and the goals of Partico remain however the same.

Right now, we work on three main points:

  • Growing the team: To be successful, we need a bigger team. See below.
  • Build a network: We currently activate contacts towards different people and organisations that could help us implementing Partico.
  • Legal framework: We evaluate what is needed to found a cooperative in Germany. We also verify the legal conditions regarding the employment on a flexible basis.

Will it work? Finding people who are interested in joining Partico hasn’t been a problem, and this is the key. Partico’s design is flexible in nature; it is the vacillating meeting point between member expertise and industry needs. With the right people, the projects are on the doorstep. This is by design.

Growing the team

Regarding the team, we are looking specifically for people in these fields:

  • Community manager: Outgoing and enthusiastic person to grow the circle of people involved in Partico. Required: German, ideally also English and/or French, with good knowledge of social media and experience in event management.
  • HR specialist: An important component of Partico is that we support people in their professional development, but also that the organisation takes care of the administrative and financial components of HR. We’re looking for someone with HR experience and capacity to learn about or understanding of Swiss HR requirements.

Does this appeal to you? Please contact us as soon as possible. And if you know someone else who might be interested: Please don't hesitate to forward this information to them.

Joining now

If you can imagine yourself joining this adventure? Please reach out and let us know!

Tarek and Simon

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