Partico for clients

Are you looking for that one talented person who can help you with a specific task or support a project for a given duration? We may have the people with the right skills for you.

You can:

  • Search our member database [available soon]
  • Contact one of our agencies [available soon]
  • Contact Partico.

Ensuring quality

We consider motivation and dedication as two of the key factors for delivering quality and we do our best to maintain these.

In addition, we ensure quality through the following measures:

  • Two or more: Except for small projects, there are always two or more people working on a project.
  • Continuous learning : We want our members to evolve professionally. Continuous learning is part of that.
  • Feedback: We intentionally don’t use a simple rating system (stars or upvotes or the like), but we request feedback from all our clients. We systematically evaluate all the feedback messages we receive.
  • Lean organisation: We use holacracy/sociocracy to make sure that our organisation remains lean and can easily improve and adapt to the changing requirements of the market.

Legal points

Our consultants are either people who are “independent” (freelancer) according to Swiss law or they have employment contract with Partico. In the latter case, Partico is liable towards the client and takes care of all the legal and administrative obligations (work permit, social insurances, taxes, …).

The relationship between you as a client and Partico is a simple service contract.

Unlike other consulting firms, there are a few specificities:

  • Integrate someone in your team: The main goal of Partico is to allow our members to evolve professionally. As such, should you at some point want to integrate one of our members in your team as an employee, you are allowed to do so with very limited restrictions.
  • Part-time: All our members work part-time only. If needed, we will increase the size of a team to be able to handle workload. Similarly, as many of our members work part-time because of family, we may in extraordinary cases hand over a project to another of our members.

The actual service contract template is currently in development.