What is Partico?
Partico is a new way of working. It's about having the benefits from both what you get with a normal job and what you can have as a freelancer: You define yourself what you want to work on, with whom you work, your own schedule, but you can get a flexible employment contract.
We offer a legal and administrative framework. You get an employment contract. Partico takes care of legal and administrative tasks.
We work in small and dynamic teams. We call them agencies. Find one where you feel well or create your own one.
Explore and incubate
You do not have to wait for the clients. We also strongly focus on the development of new ideas and projects.
What's new?
Here is what is going on at Partico!

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How to use Partico services?
You can directly hire one of our expert members, you can check out our agencies, or if you want to join us, read about how to become a member.
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