Meeups for co-entrepreneurs in Zürich and Lausanne

What would the world be if we had only leaders, pioneers and people with great visions? It probably wouldn't work. Luckily there are more people who are willing to take responsibility,  launch new initiatives and drive projects forward, and prefer to do this in collaboration with others instead of working alone.

We want to bring people together who are looking for new challenges, and prefer to collaborate with others to develop new projects or offer new services, instead of doing this on their own alone.

Join us for our meetups in Zurich or in Lausanne, and if there is enough interest, we may even organise such meetups elsewhere:



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Partico is first of all an organisation that offers a legal and administrative framework for people who want to work part-time.
With the goal of growing a community of people around Partico, we organised two "meetups" in Spring this year.
So far, We worked more towards the inside.