What is Partico?
We allow highly qualified people who are looking for more flexibility and autonomy to thrive professionally and to develop new projects and services in collaboration with others.
At Partico, you will be part of a team, but you will also be your own boss. We cultivate a spirit of collaboration and mutual support, but we still cherish autonomy, flexibility and out-of-the-box thinking.
You concentrate on your clients and projects. Partico offers the legal and administrative framework to take care of all the rest. As an active member you can get an employment contract and all the benefits that go with it.
Partico will be a cooperative owned by its members. This also means that all the decisions are made in the full interest of our members and our profits are used to improve our services.

Why we build Partico

The number of experienced and highly qualified professionals, who don’t work because there are not enough part-time jobs, is just too high. That’s why we aim to build a dynamic and flexible organisation to collaborate with and promote this talent.

How to join?
Do you have several years of experience and want to co-develop new consulting activities or services as part of a community and work part-time?
Start by applying to join our community. We will then meet for a coffee so that we can explain you how we work and to evaluate the common perspectives.
Once on board, we will help you find a team (we call them « agencies ») where you can – together with others – start exploring the market and bring projects to life.
The flexible structure, our out-of-the-box thinking and the constant pursuit of new ideas and projects make Partico the perfect platform for new ventures.
Find qualified experts
All of our members have several years of experience in their field of competence. Browse through our directory to find the perfect match for your own projects.
How to use Partico services?
You can directly hire one of our expert members, you can check out our agencies, or if you want to join us, read about how to become a member.
Find an expert
Search through our member database and find the person who has exactly the right skillset you’re looking for.
Hire an agency
Instead of looking for a single person, hire the services of one of our agencies.
Join Partico as a member
You are an individual interested in becoming a member. Apply here to join us.
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What's new?
Here is what is going on at Partico!
Our last blog post was more than eight months back. That may give you the impression that we haven't been active since then, but in fact it is just the very opposite!
We've made it! The first Partico meetup last week gathered 9 potential members. Many inputs, loads of inspiration and encouragement, but also as many questions.
We had mentioned in our previous newsletter that we wanted to use Holacracy as a management principle. Why Holacracy and what is it actually?